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Help with DVD Flagging
I'm trying to figure out how I can get any sort of flagging on my DVD rips,. Bluray mkv's come out perfect, but when I look at my DVD's not 1 flag I've tried iso, img and video_ts I get nothing.
Also is there anyway to get flagging on studio's and source for example Blu-Ray logo, DVD Video logo etc..

btw using the latest builds and I just started using XBMC two days ago.

Sample of what I'm talking about.

as far as I know mpeg2 (.vob/.ts files) and iso flagging is still not supported in xbmc at all. can't remember the reason off hand though
I was able to search and read that you can create nfo's and some info gets flagged but I'm wondering if there's any way to get the DVD logo in there and 480p instead of the SD also maybe mpeg and studios.

Here's more less how I would like to get it.

Use the following..

<control type="image" id="91">
<visible>[substring(listitem.filename,sddvd) + !substring(listitem.filename,hddvd) + !substring(listitem.filename,hd-dvd)] | substring(listitem.filename,.iso,Right) | substring(listitem.filename,.ifo,Right)</visible>

That will show the dvd logo.

<control type="image" id="188">

This will show dolby digital

This should give you the general idea on how to achieve what you want to do. The image paths might be different in PM3.HD

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