Making a Crestron Module for HTTP API Control
@Nero Did it work?
I have created a crestron module that registers itself as an event client, allows navigation through the database, displays coverart/thumbnails and displays meta data. It is somewhat rough and I have stopped working on it in as I plan o do a json version (not very much time at the moment for that however). The thumbnail support requires a SVN version Camelot release will not work.

Movies and TV works, Music is incomplete.

Attached are some images. If interested I can send it on.




I have written two new modules: XBMC.usp and XBMC-ES.usp to partially implement the new JSON interface in Crestron programs. Why 2 modules? I found that a lot of simple commands (Up/Down/Left/Right) are not supported by JSON at present so I use the EventServer api for those.

XBMC is a JSON-aware module than returns metadata strings about the currently playing track (Artist/Album/Title etc. ) for Music and Movies. It also implements some of the simpler JSON functions (JumpFwd, JumpBack, Restart/Shutdown/Update library etc.). It doesn't have a browse/search facility at present.

XBMC-ES uses the XBMC event server api to send transport commands and also some built-in commands. It fully implements the api, so adding additional functions is straightforward.

Still to do:
1. Browse/search facility for music, movies etc.
2. TV show metadata
3. Properly queue JSON requests before sending them to xbmc

I included a project module (XBMC.umc) to demonstrate how the 2 modules are linked together.

You can find a zip archive of the modules at

Nice. I'll download and try it out.
Great! Your iPad design is awesome BTW
The correct link to my module is:
Thanks for sharing this Neil - great work!!
Glad you like it. Latest version now hosted at:

The download file now includes a sample SIMPL program and thedroid's touchpanel project.

It's definitely a beta thing so let me know if you find any 'features'!
tzya Wrote:I developed a full Crestron interface.
If you interested I can share it.

i would appreciate it if someone can send me the crestron module, for xbmc or plex


I was just thinking about getting XBMC integrated with Crestron control system in my new house. I even sent the installer a link to json wiki. And ow I see, that someone has come hat way already.
please let me know if crestron module here will also work with plex since architecture is so similar. thanks for any help
(Sorry i'm write bad because i'm frenc ;-) )
I have try to test the module but they don't run....
I have tested an manualy connexion => it's ok but not answer when i send a ei command...
Can you help me please ?
Thank you :-)
Hello i found my mistake => in XBMC we need to change the web interface for JSONRPC Debug ....

thanks for this module Wink
latest version of the full Crestron module is hosted at
i can't select the Json rpc as web interface in my xbmc??
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