Couple of Live questions?
I'm a long term user of XBMC on Xbox and Windows both of which are great Big Grin of course! But I thought I'd venture into Live as the machine I have assembled (XBMC Win is on my C2Duo laptop) is pretty low powered, and I need it to boot to XBMC as Xbox does and the WAF for a windows box hooked up to the tv is low....

Its only a single core P4 3.4ghz 775 nForce with 7100 onboard GFX and 2Gb of RAM.... its just enough to play 720p scene rips without upscaling enabled...

Question is will Live make use of more memory ie I have 4Gb kicking around that I could install. I know the GFX and CPU will help but I cant run to these at the moment....

Is there anyway to get the Xbox remote working? I have tried the putty method but still nothing Huh - will it be supported in later versions out of the box perhaps? Again the WAF is a big step in getting it in the lounge...

Also I downloaded the version linked on the homepage but it says it was compiled in May?
I've got a P4 2.8ghz and it struggled with most 720p rips, played some but not WAF friendly. In the end i just spent £30 on a new nvidia card and stuck in it. Now it will happily play any 720 / 1080p content i through at it.

Not sure if XBMCLive supports the xbox remote - i don't use it. Follow the guide for XBMCbuntu and it will give you everything you need.
Just got back to this - clocked cpu to 3.8Ghz and its now smooth on the menus and 720p playback... Big Grin still trying to sort the remote..... but just realised theres no FTP? and I cant browse it on my network? not being a great linux man... how do I copy new skins to it?
Geeba Wrote:..... but just realised theres no FTP?

You can use the SSH protocol and SFTP the files to and from the machine. I recommend FileZilla FTP Client, it supports SFTP.
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