[Help!] Installed XBMC Live on usb, boots but hangs with screen error.
I have installed XBMC Live on a Sandisk Cruzer Crossfire 2GB USB Stick, using Sun Virtualbox and the iso i found in XBMC_Live-9.04.1.zip.

(I made an XBMC Live usb stick with unetbootin before that, with the same problem).

My PC boots from the usb stick and shows me the XBMC selection screen, giving me options on how to start XBMC, or install it somewhere.
So far so good.
When i select one of the options, Ati/AMD GPU in this case, (but i tried them all), i see the XBMC logo for a while, but then the screen changes and i see a few small XBMC logo's in the top area of the screen, with some weird static above that. With the other options in the menu, the screen goes black and flickers every now and then.
The safe mode resulted in a screen open error or something like that. This was after logging in.

I have the following setup:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400,
Asus P5Q-E Motherboard,
Asus EAH4850 (Ati HD4850) Videocard
4GB of DDR2 ram.
Philips Brilliance 109P4 CRT monitor capable of 1920x1080 at at least 75Hz.
Monitor connected through VGA cable (not DVI, but thats obvious with a CRT).

When i load XBMC in Sun Virtualbox, everything works fine.
Also, XBMC for windows works fine.

What's going wrong?
I want to test XBMC on my PC before i buy a HTPC to install it on.
Having the same problem you described. Haven't found a solution yet, but I'll let you know if I do.
Log in using Safe mode. Then take a look at your xbmc.log file. In my case, the guisettings.xml file was corrupted due to USB stick corruption. But based on hearing reports from others, I'm wondering if the problem is due to some bugs in XBMC Live.

I tried doing a chkdsk (from Windows) on my USB stick, and reinstalling USB Live to it, but I've run into the same problem a couple of times. At this point I've been experimenting with getting XBMC installed in some other way. In my case, I have a Windows XP partition on my computer that I'd rather not get rid of just yet, so I can't use XBMC Live's install because it will completely wipe out the hard drive and install only XBMC onto it.
The USB stick is not writeable, i didn't quite understand how to change that.
I tried to boot form cd-rom, but that produced the same error.

Is there any way i can change the video settings or video driver on the usb stick (while running Windows XP)?
I have tried Ubuntu 0.04 from USB, works like a charm (except updating, it won't store them on the stick).
Can't install XBMC from there either, because it needs other items first, but you can't install those items because it needs the other item too.. aargh.

Anyway, XBMC Live wont run on a HD4850 videocard, whule Ubuntu does.

There's clearly a major bug in XBMC Live!!
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[Help!] Installed XBMC Live on usb, boots but hangs with screen error.00
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