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Where is the code for vortex and python integration with xbmc?
I finally tried compiling xbmc... I'm curious about linking python to vortex.

Does anybody know where the vortex code lives (not presets, the actual vis).

In particular, the album art integration.

Also it would be useful to see how the C++ code of xbmc integrates with python.

See xbmc/lib/libPython for the python API.

The vortex source is closed unfortunately. You may wish to try and contact MrC regarding this.
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Cheers, have sent MrC a message via the forum requesting the source be opened and if not possible outlining the feature request:

I'm interested in integrating python with Vortex, however I didn't realise the source for Vortex is closed:

Is there a chance of opening the source ?

If not I'd still like to request a feature Smile

Feature request:
Ability to kick off a python script that will return an image to be used as a texture.

I imagine this as similar to the album art functionality.
- Angel script kicks off named python script
- Python script fetches image (probably off net)
- Python script passes back downloaded file location.

It would be useful for the python script to be passed metadata such as -
- track playing (uri, album, trackname, artist etc)

I'd envision scripts being written to fetch images from flickr, google, morguefile, local filesystem etc.


Where is the code for vortex and python integration with xbmc?00