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[XBOX] ResumeX Script not working since upgrade... Can anyone help?
Ok its official; XBMC without ResumeX is useless as a car media player.

I upgraded from a 2007 build to the latest t3ch build a month ago and ResumeX no longer works. I posted up about it earlier but the PasteBin of the logs seems to have expired (I'm sure i selected keep forever)

Anyway it should be easy to reproduce. The script i'm using is

Activate the script, then start playing an album or something to create a playlist
Then turn the Xbox off, and back on again. It may or may not start playing the song again. Now go to Music, and view the playlist (8 on the remote). It was blank for me. Now press 8 again, and you get a black screen.

Anyone have any ideas?
If not i think i'll have to scrap the xbox as a media player (was awesome while it worked!)
Thanks for all the help guys, after playing around with it and making a few changes then inspecting the debug log i have decided to start again with a clean version of the 2007 build that i started with (2.01)

Lo and behold, no more problems with ResumeX and i think i'mma gonna stay with that.
So for anyone else who finds ResumeX indispensable, forget these latest builds; 2.01 works great!

i think in an effort to get XBMC working for all these other platforms, the programmers have turned the Xbox version into a buggy pile of heap
Does anyone have all the files so I can get ResumeX working on xbox XBMC? I use it to store all grandpa's old war & western movies on in his room and I want to make it re-start the playlist when he powers it up. Thanks!

[XBOX] ResumeX Script not working since upgrade... Can anyone help?00