Power-ON/OFF (and Reboot) the Xbox with the (IR/InfraRed) DVD-remote?
i purchased xir and i would highly recommend it. the shipping was fast, he threw in an extra cable for free. he now has a programable function so that you can program the buttons via pc before installation. it works great. if xbmc hangs i push the power button on my remote 3 times and it shuts down - power once to start up. never leave the couch again!

oh yeah, if you can put a mod chip in your xbox, this installation is very easy, in fact i think there is a solderless version.

i bought an ir mod , and i can buy the parts seperatly and the cost wont be half that the stores take (its only an ir eye and a controller chip) and it works like a charm , only 6 cables to connect.

but bevare that if u dont want to reprogram the controller chip u need an original microsoft remote!!

i had a third party controller at first and it didnt work at all.

but in my opinion it was easy to install if u are steady on u´r hand, unlike me (melted a couple of cables in the process :d )

Okay, I bought the MS dvd dongle and made the separate universal remote work by entering the code for rca tv. Now I can get the remote to turn the xbox off, but not on?
Am I doing something wrong? Where do I find this xml find to edit the remote buttons?

You can NOT turn off with the remote Thank's to Microsoft lazy designer.
You will need an Hardware module to be installed like XIR remote




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Hi All:

I bought the X3IR (serial version) from http://www.mod-chip.com. It's supposed to work with any mod. chip.

It was delivered 4 days ago. I opened up the Xbox, followed the installation instruction & I was totally lost. Here's the link to the manual:

Page 2 is where I'm stuck: I couldn't find the locations mentioned in there & don't know what "X3 mod chip" it's talking about is. Am I supposed to have the mod chip installed in the Xbox in order for the X3IR to work?

I'm desperate. Any help is greatly appreciated (I sent an e-mail to their support & didn't hear back from them).

That thing you bought is only compatible with the X3 (Xecuter 3) modchip, if you don't have such a modchip then you bought the wrong thing (or you have to buy a Xecuter 3 modchip) You want a "XIR" or "IRmod" for the Xbox as they work on any Xbox and do not require a modchip at all, none of which they seem to sell at that webshop.
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Thanks for your response. I got an e-mail from mod-chip.com tech support. They sent me a different version of the manual (a much more detailed one) that showed how to install the mod. w/out the X3 mod chip.
If you have the X3 chip, you can plug 1 harness straight into the chip. W/out the chip, you'll have to cut & solder 2 wires. That's the only difference.
At any rate, I've successfully installed the X3IR mod. It's working like a champ now; no more having to get up & walk to the Xbox to turn it on/off.
I highly recommend this mod.
Hi All,

I bought 4 X3IR mod chips from mod-chip.com. I already installed 2. The first Xbox, version 1.1, worked perfectly: I can now turn the Xbox on with the Select or Display button & turn it off with pressing the zeros twice.

The 2nd one is version 1.6 (soldering is a little different) turned out rather strange: When I pressed either the Select or Display button, the Xbox does turn on but the DVD tray also pops open. Hitting the zero (once) closes the tray but pressing the zero button twice (or 3X) doesn't turn the box off. Instead, the zero acts as the eject button! Has anyone found a similar problem? I haven't tried to program it yet. Do you know of a solution?

Good evening all,
I have a Harmony 880 and wanted to be able to get to XBMC without getting off my butt. I bought the XIR 1.x Easy kit and successfully installed it. For the Harmony, I used "Game Console with DVD (XBox)" and I am able to turn the Xbox on and off using "PowerToggle" and the "zero" buttons. I do not have the MS DVD remote or dongle.

My problem is that I can't seem to use the Harmony to control anything else in XBMC or Evox. It just doesn't respond. I'm wondering if other people with the XIR mod keep the original MS dongle plugged in? Is the MS dongle necessary in addition to XIR to control XBMC or will the mod recognize other buttons besides the power on/off?

I'm sending this same question to the XIR folks, but figured someone here might have an answer quickly. Thanks in advance for any help.
XIR mod is just power on/off. Nothing else. You need the dongle.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

I have an Harmony and the XIR kit (good stuff). But I also have the MS dongle, without it you can only turn the console on and off from the remote. With MS dongle and Harmony you can do *everything*, considering how customizable XBMC is thanks to its config scripts.
Thanks for the quick replies. I'm going to try to hit up a gamestop today to find a used remote/dongle.

Ashlar - to clarify, you can do *everything* with the Harmony and the MS Dongle except turn on the box. Right? I did read a post somewhere about someone making their own mod putting the MS Dongle internal and having the power on function.

Thanks again. BTW, I love XBMC and have been using it for two years now!
Ok, I hate to bump an old topic up, but I have something that falls kinda under this thread. I just purchased a XIR v2 easy kit and have it set up for power on and off, no big deal. I also have the MS IR Dongle for all the other controls and a Harmony 360 incorporated into my whole setup. My issue at this point is, that my RCA Surround sound receiver and my Xbox are on the same IR codes. The only way I can think of fixing this, is to turn on <displayremotecodes> in advancedsettings.xml and see what buttons my RCA remote use by aimin it at my xbox, writing them all down, and then reprogramming XBMC to use all different codes and remap all my buttons to something different. When setting up the harmony, I noticed that there were 5 different IR codes you could pick from for the xbox if you enter in something other then Xbox as your model number. Anyone else run across this issue, or by reading this can think of a different way to deal with this that I maybe didn't think of? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx for such a great product!

I have a Harmony 880 and I read this (also see pasted below) Harmony tutorial on the XBMC site but I don't know the 3 key press sequence that allows my DVD remote to shut off the XBox - let alone start it. My Harmony does allow complete macro programming so if what this guys says - it should work.

How to turn your Xbox ON and OFF
The Problem:

Some Logitech Harmony Remotes don't allow real macro-programming.
For example it is not possible on some Harmony Remotes to automatically run some button commands only with a single-button press. This is bad when you have a Infrared-MOD in your XBox and can't turn your XBox ON and OFF with a single button-press because the Infrared-MOD uses a special button combination (example: STOP-STOP-SELECT).

The Solution:
* Just go to the Logitech Member Website and sign in
* go to your XBOX Device and click on "More Options"
* Now click on "Learn Infrared Signals"
* Scroll down the whole list and click on the "Advanced Configuration" Button at the end of the page
* Now you can create new commands and name them "PowerON" and "PowerOFF" or you can edit the existing commands
* Be sure that you learn the new commands in BINARY MODE (Raw Mode)!! So click the "Learn Binary Commands" Button
* Now just press the Button combination required for your XBox to turn on (example: STOP-STOP-SELECT - One Button after the other!)
* Now you get an Error-Message that the command is too long. YOU CAN IGNORE this Error Message!
* Just repeat the process with the buttons again (example: STOP-STOP-SELECT - One Button after the other!)
* Now the command has been recognized!

Repeat the whole procedure for the "PowerOFF" Button and thats it!
Now you can turn your XBox ON and OFF with a single Button press.
That applies to Infrared Mod, which (I'm guessing) is a custom mod to the xbox.

The normal xbox does not allow power on via the remote.

You can power off XBMC (only XBMC though!) via the Shutdown command from keymap.xml.
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