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[Mod] MiniMeedia
WooHoo !!!

I did just what you said and removed three views I didn't care for, High List, Lo List and Exhibit. Then removed
them from being seen as an option and now the backgrounds are scrolling at 100% speed using an Xbox. Thanks again Waffa.
d00dtv Wrote:WooHoo !!!

I did just what you said and removed three views I didn't care for, High List, Lo List and Exhibit. Then removed
them from being seen as an option and now the backgrounds are scrolling at 100% speed using an Xbox. Thanks again Waffa.

can you share how you did it?
Sure no problem. Like Waffa said, make a backup first of the three files he mentioned just in case you screw up. Then open up viewscommon with an editor of the ftp program your using. You will want to know ahead of time which views you don't like then simply highlight and delete. Each view will start off like

<include name="nameofview">

then the contents which can be pretty long and it will end like


You may see quite a few </control> at the end before the final </include> and they will need to go. You will know your at the end at the next <include name="nameofview"> line unless it's the last one.

Opening up opionsmenu and deleting your view option is done the same way but the lines will be much shorter. It looks as if each view option has two entries stated and I removed both and it seems to work. Searching for the view option you need can be done using the find tool of your editor. Then simply remove all info starting with

<control type="foo">

then ending

There's even an easier way..... did test a lot yesterday.Big Grin
It's also very easy to make skinsettings to disable views....but.

I don't want to disable any view completly.
I use almost all views around the catogories and movies/TvShows are the catogories who give the memory problems.

So I want them to disable them for each catogory.
Starting with Movies and TvShows

This way you can disable even more views because you probably only use/have 1 or 2 favoriet views for example movies.

And This goes as well for TvShows.

Videos/music/pictures would still have all available views.
And if wanted or needed (memory) I can still make skin options for those catogories to.

This way you keep the abbility to use all views around your catogories and gain a lot of memory.
It's up to the user then which view he wants to use for each catogory and make the skin lite as he wants...Nod

Laugh Skunk doesn't like many skin options but you will gain a lot of them.
18...9 for movies and 9 for TvShows (And maybe more)
List view is the default view and would not be wise to disable default view.
But I could make another view default.
I Uploaded a new Version 1.6Big Grin

This time I only added the option to hide views in movies and tv shows.
In those catogories it is most needed to free up memory.

I did my best but couldn't split up movies and TvShows. So the settings to hide in movies would effect to TvShows to.
(Videos/music/pictures/programs would be no problem to split up)

I didn't test on the xbox but I could even see on my windows system that hiding views does increase free memory..... a lot even and getting quicker to!!!

So please let me know if it works for you !!Nod

My test time on xbox is very limited, kids use xbox thru the day and wife the Tv in the evening :mad:
I've tested v1.6 and I can confirm that things do work like they should in Movies. Hiding three views makes the background speed 100% on the xbox. Like you said though the views do no get removed in the videos section and viewing movies through there the problem starts again.
What I don't understand is that every skin has a Video and a Movies. Please tell me what the difference is between the two. I find it very annoying that you can view movies through Videos. It should be one or the other. But if you remove the ability to not see videos in the main menu then you cannot add a source which I need. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you add a source for Movies and you set the content for that, then you should not see that option visible in the Videos section only Movies. The problem then becomes you cannot remove the source if you needed to. Why isn't there an option to Add Source in Movies in all skins?
Movies/tvshows is a skin mod. Normaly you have only videos and you can switch there between library and file mode.
In videos lybrarymode you are in movies or tv shows. And set views will hide.
In videos file mode they will not hide. (so you're probably using file mode.)
I can make those hide to...with own hide settings
The biggest problem I have with the way skins work is this library mode video file mode. If I put things in library mode then I cannot see my source for PlayOn that I use for Hulu etc. When I switch back over to file mode then I have my source back to use PlayOn. This is REALLY annoying but I know this is how XBMC works. There is a big discussion on the skins forum on just this subject as to why things just can't be hardcoded setup wise. Which makes more sense to me. If I want to see this or that or make things work this way or that way then I should be allowed to do that. But I guess that's what they call creating a skin yourself ;-)
yep, but it is all logical how it works, if you would/could set content to playon then it would be in library too.
Movies and Tv shows in Home screen is like I said a skin mod. You can see it more like shortcuts to Videolibrary. add sources in Movies or Tv shows is not very logical to me only content with info is allowed in library.

Btw Did also made skin options to hide views for:

Lol I could say now that this is the skin with the most skinsettings....Laugh
But damn those options to hide views really fasten up the skin and gain memory..... a lot !!
Makes this skin the most lite (fanart) skin to run on the xbox !!

New version available (1.7) see first post.

Btw maybe I can make Memory use even lower as it is now....need to do more tests.Big Grin
Waffa your v1.7 kicks ass with the ability to remove view options now. Thanks again for that ;-). But for some reason the animated weather icons no longer work and haven't worked since v1.4. The icon images work as long as I don't have the animated options checked off. If I check those options then I get a blank screen where the images are supposed to be. Is there anything I'm missing? I have the weather icon pack installed locally on my xbox which worked fine before. Are you seeing this by chance?
Strange they work fine on my windows system Oo
I'll take a look on the xbox.Big Grin

Oh btw you mean in home or/and weatherscreen ?

Did looked on the xbox and also here works fine.

Did you place the animated weather thumbs in MiniMeedia Waffa!\media\icon ?
Quote:Did you place the animated weather thumbs in MiniMeedia Waffa!\media\icon ?
Hmmm no I didn't but I don't ever remember doing that. I have the the animated icons in the weather pack located on the F partition on the xbox. Then I simply enter the path to the weather icons for weather. Let me try what you suggest and get back to you.
Hehehe....don't you hate it when you ask a silly question? You are correct. It works fine now ;-)
Nope, there are no silly questions only answers.
New version available 1.8. See first post

I starded with adding menu thumbs and ended up with almost all PM3 HD thumbs.Big Grin
(63 thumbs are added in total, so skin size did grow to almost 7 MB)
Why add PM3 HD Thumbs ?
Because those are the most beautifull you can get IMAO.Nod

The Menu icons are very usefull with kids!!

And for those who use the xbox, did save some memory.Wink

Have fun !!!!

Default thumbs PM3 HD in MiniMeedia.
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