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[RELEASE] scraper for TV series (italian)
I've made a scraper for tv series based on the site

It download everything it can find on the site, including:

- posters
- fanarts from wallpapers, promotionals and scene pictures form MP site in Low Res.
- TVDB Poster, Banners and Fanarts in High Res.
- actors thumbs
- episode thumbs
- plot
- premiered
- rating and votes
- episode details

and maybe other things i don't remember now.

28/04/2010 Updated to match the latest changes to the site
05/03/2010 Added Fanart collector
15/12/2009 Removed "cimi's" search and left only the google one
30/11 Added support for TVDB Poster, Banners and Fanarts
25/11 Added new search based on search, Google still available in the settings

Here is the download link:

I hope some italians want to test it and report eventual bugs before i submit it the ticket for it.

(tnx Nicezia for his great tool, Sipontino for his help teaching me some RegExp)
Big Grin
Thanks great job. one thing, the poster you can have a banner and those of non-rectangular??
I don't understand your question btw you can check the site to know what you can have or not, I know that most of the wallpapers are not in 16/9 resolution, but than it will be a skin problem to adapt them to the screen (eg using <aspectratio>scale</aspectratio> instead of "keep" ) and not a scraper problem.

P.M. me in italian if you like.
Maybe the same magic used for your movies scraper (infos from movieplayer, art from better resources) would make miracles here too.
Sure I'll try if I can get something from or imdb Smile
Can't wait to test your latest achevements on the movies-side on the tv shows-side too !
Great work. I will try it tonight.
Grazie per il lavoro svolto. Amo la XBOX, soprattutto come MediaCenter. Peccato che ultimamente si sono incasinate le serie. Ho problemi con:
The Shield
e spero che il tuo scraper risolva la questione.
Grazie in anticipo.
Right now i'm busy with the movie scraper, once it's done I'll include all the changes i made on that one, here too.
Ok here is the new version with new movieplayer search and more important tvdb posters, banners and fanarts download!

Link in first post.
Enjoy. Smile
Updated this scraper with a better Google search and removed the "Cimi's" base64 encoding search.

The link on first post is updated and both the MP scrapers for movies and TV shows are now on svn.
ciao!! sono un tuo grosso estimatore per lo scraper per i film... volevo provare questo per alcune cose che tvdb non trova... ma al momento e' fuori uso causa le modifiche del sito?
tanti cari saluti
Hello gatto...yes tmdb was a little bit unstable recently!Nod
Yes GattoMannaro, the scraper for tvshow is not working atm because of the site latest changes, i updated just the film one for now (being a little lazy, sorry).
I'll work on it during the week, cheers Smile
Ok, Here is the new version of the TV scraper too.
Everything seem to be working fine again Tongue
Let me know if it's ok so i can submit it to svn togheter with the movie one.
Tnx and enjoy. Smile
Hi kotix, thaks for your work on movie scraper, can you rewriter the tv scraper?

[RELEASE] scraper for TV series (italian)00