Skin Concept Development...Looking for some assistance
After working hard on two MODS that I feel I have done a good job with, I have become bored of expanding on others already fantastic skins. I have some great ideas of a new skin and I am looking for some help. Mainly I lack all the skills in creating textures, frames, ect. I know this is a HUGE part of it, so that is why I am looking to team up with someone who has a good vision as well and maybe lacks on the coding part. I do work full time, but I spend a great portion of my free time messing around with skins so I would also like to see another coder hopefully want to take on a new project to help out.

Some main features are...

-High focus on flagging. I got great concept to show off flags.
-New frame design for thumbs.
-Smooth & attractive animations.
-4-5 well designed and distinct views.
-Support for posters & wide icons for TV.
-Unique views for music, tv, and movies. I think of of these categories need different designs due to flagging, labels, and thumbs. Each would share a common default list view.
-Variety of skin options. Easy to change features to help please the masses.
-Textures that stand out. Eye catching gradients that represent a classy and professional skin.

After Aeon, it seems most skins have taken on the simplistic approach and I would like to find a landing spot between Aeon and what is coming out now. I want the "eye candy" features of Aeon, but the speed of smaller skins. I think at this point I can handle the better portion of the coding, but would clearly like help to make things move along faster. If this thread gets some attention, then whoever is interest we can hopefully start to make something happen. If not, I guess I will have to start to try my best at Photoshop and see what I can produce on my own.
Well, I'm new to xbmc but I would like to help this community.
I could help designing, I almost finished my study Communication & Multimedia Design.

But I would like to know if you got some inspirational pictures which show what you want to achieve. Because if I am going to design something I want it to fit my personal preference.
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