Excrutiatingly slow UPNP/DNLA share access
Late version SVN builds have shown a bug on my setup with accessing remote UPNP / DLNA movie shares, especially those shared with mediatomb.

I have been unable to track down if it is the fault of mediatomb or XBMC, but I can report that with 9.04.1 and with not as recent builds (read: before I upgraded my machine to ubuntu 9.10 and got the latest SVN build for it) the access was fine.

The symptoms of this bug are that the initial playback starting of a movie shared with mediatomb is really really slow. It can take around 10 minutes to start playback. When playback starts, though, it plays fine.

I have found that movies shared with uShare exhibit a similar symptom, but not to the same degree. I do not know if it is the same bug.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I can report that using the Coherence plugin to Totem does not give the same behavior (movie start is not extremely delayed).

NOTE: I am not at home right now, but I will try to post detailed debugs and possibly wireshark logs and/or UPnP-Inspector (http://coherence.beebits.net/wiki/UPnP-Inspector) info and/or Cidero (http://www.cidero.com/) info if it will help.
A debug log should give us more clues as to where the problem is
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elupus Wrote:A debug log should give us more clues as to where the problem is

I'll be doing this tonight... stay tuned...
Well this is a little embarrassing... I got home, re-upped my SVN from PPA and the problem I described in the first post are now gone. No sense in troubleshooting something that isn't there...
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