Guys, interest question...
Im russian and have question about scraper
scraper use http request to site with info.
When site use latin symbols it is ok, but when it use non-latin symbols
they urlencoded to %C3%E0%F0 sequence.
When i use kinopoisk.html it make a bad request to and site return wrong content. Is in scraper possibility to make content replace
for example - russian "G" to %C3 and so on?


XBMC for windows and mac has the same result.
you have a search string encoding parameter. that sets the charset, which we convert to prior to url encoding then passing to the scraper. the scraper can then modify this as it see's fit in the createsearchurl if it see's the move.

however, if kinopoisk doesn't understand, i think the reason must be that the searchstringencoding setting must be wrong.
When i put in search string:
<RegExp input="$$1" output=";from=forma&amp;result=adv&amp;m_act%5Bfrom%5D=forma&amp;m_act%5Bwhat%5D=content&amp;m_act%5Bfind%5D=\1&amp;m_act%5Byear%5D=&amp;m_act%5Bcountry%5D=&amp;m_act%5Bgenre%5D=&amp;m_act%5Bcompany%5D=&amp;m_act%5Bmpaa%5D=&amp;m_act%5Bactor%5D=&amp;m_act%5Bcast%5D=&amp;m_act%5Bcontent_find%5D=" dest="3">

find%5D=%C3%E0%F0 without find%5D=\1 - i got right resalt

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Guys, interest question...0
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