Alternative keyservers

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Lightbulb  Alternative keyservers
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Hi me old mucker's

Many ppl using scripts actually get NO PUB KEY XXXXXXXXXX even if the key retrieval string is there there is a reason for this usual things that happen as a result is failed installs or packages just not being installed period!

Well since the keyservers break go offline or whatever might as well add supplemental ones when things go pear shaped as they do not my idea but I thought I'd post it here to help everyone as it helped me.

Code: - replace XX with your country code (fr, en, de... etc)

to actually get them working is like so replace the red bits

e.g. apt-key adv --keyserver [color=Red][/color] --recv-keys XXXXXXX
e.g. apt-key adv --keyserver [color=Red][/color] --recv-keys XXXXXXX
e.g. apt-key adv --keyserver [color=Red][/color] --recv-keys XXXXXXX

And so on

Up there find all info needed to use the alternative places. nice and easy no special linux know how needed.
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