Show watched status even in non-library mode
I am new to xmbc. Currently I am trying to move from Win + Media Portal to Ubuntu + XBMC, because Win sucks :-) and Media Portal is slow and buggy.
I must say that XBMC really rocks. It's gui is quick and it looks just great. Anyway, I am still missing one important useful feature:
Is it possible to highlight(or checkbox) watched file (movie) in non-library mode? The answer should be "yes" :-) because I already looked to the database. Table "files" contains "playcount" and "lastplayed" columns and the values are updated correctly. I\ve seen some older threads discussing this and the answer was "No, it is not possible. Just use the library.". Why?

Before I will be flooded with questions like "Why don't you use the library", I have some good reasons for not using it.
1. My folder structure is more complex (like Movies, TV Shows, Videos, etc.). The library is flat, mixing all together
2. I have movies that are not recognized by imdb or whatever (like my personal videos, my friend's videos, amateur/student movies, etc.). These won't appear in the library.
3. All DVD files were recognized as "The X Files", which is very funny, but not funny to clean up.
4. I want just copy the movie file and it should be playable. I don't want to perform some additional scanning actions and matching the correct movie. And also I don't want to search for "lost movies", that don't appear in the library.
5. Constant switching between library and file view is not an option. Especially not for my wife :-) I am hearing the questions right now "Why cannot I run the movie from there when I see it? Why switching to the library?" etc.

Anyway, I really like xbmc. I hope I will be able to switch to it soon.

well,in my view, the answer is still 'no', cause xbmc use database to know this status, and if the video is not in db, xbmc simply doesn't know that.

so if your video is not in librairy, xbmc can't do this.
no. athough you are correct, it could be done. patch semi-welcome.
Great! Thank you for a very quick reply.
I thougth it would be possible :-) Because I've seen the video files in the database, even if they were not in library.
I can try to make this patch... I said try :-) because so far I took only a quick look to the source codes and I did not even compile the whole project. Maybe it would be helpful if you give me some advice - which class handles the overlay images in library mode?

Thank you, Yunda.
overlays are set in the relevant VideoDatabase.cpp routines; e.g.
pItem->SetOverlayImage(CGUIListItem::ICON_OVERLAY_UNWATCHED,(pItem->GetVideoInfoTag()->m_playCount > 0));
spiff Wrote:no. athough you are correct, it could be done. patch semi-welcome.

can i ask why "semi-welcome" Huh?
cause we plan to ditch file view altogether (and before you jump on me, this does not mean ditching the ability to browse by file)
jumping on people is not in my habits, don't worry Big Grin

thank for the information.
spiff Wrote:cause we plan to ditch file view altogether (and before you jump on me, this does not mean ditching the ability to browse by file)
Hi spiff! Care to expand on this? I'm a big fan of library mode, as it's the only way to use XBMC at its fullest... but for random videos (like your kids playing at school, stuff that can't be scraped in any way) the file view is handy.
it's not much to tell; we will ditch the dedicated file view, and have file sources show up as nodes in the library. no eta this is a long term plan.
Understood. Thanks!
I finally made the patch.
I had problems (still have) with KDevelop - it freezes every time I run xbmc. Does anyone have similar problem? Finally I had to do it under MS Visual Studio :-(, which worked.
Anyway, it is done now, I have created a patch, but I cannot logon to the Trac to upload it! Wiki says to use my forum login and password, but it does not work and there's no possibility to register a new user.
Can someone help me with this?

In addition, I have some strange observation regarding the icon overlays... if I use
SetOverlayImage(CGUIListItem::ICON_OVERLAY_UNWATCHED, true);
<- it adds an watched overlay (a tick icon).
Doing this (which seems more like it should be)
SetOverlayImage(CGUIListItem::ICON_OVERLAY_WATCHED, true); <- adds an "HD" icon.
Isn't that strange? Maybe I am missing something.

login is case sensitive - Yunda not yunda.

you're missing how the function works. it takes the integer and adds one if the second param is true. so if the second param is false, you get the unwatched overlay, if the second item is true you get the watched one. hd is next on the list...

the idea is that you can do e.g.
SetOverlayImage(CGUIListItem::ICON_OVERLAY_UNWATCHED, item.GetVideoInfoTag()->m_playCount > 0);

so yes you're missing something Tongue
thank you again for a quick and helpful reply! Login Yunda worked, I feel a bit dumb now :-)

The patch can be found here

And regarding the overlay - thank you for explaining, now I see it.

I hope the patch will work and that you will accept it. I had to increase visibility for some protected methods to public (in CVideoDatabase). I am not sure if this is the correct approach for the whole framework, but I saw similar methods already made public (like i.e. GetPathId). So I guess it is.

I have not tried the patch, but i have to tell that it is one of the top things i have on my wishlist.

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