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Not working on AppleTV properly
A couple things. I downloaded the latest Rapier skin and used WinSCP to copy the folder over to AppleTV (/mnt/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/XBMC/skin).

First thing is that any files that have accents in the filename WinSCP will not copy the file over and I have to skip the file.

Second I can load the skin and the moment I go to the main menu and start browsing through the menu options it cause AppleTV to reboot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Debug log please. No idea if I can help as I don't have an appletv, but I'll look at it.
If you are skipping files that would almost certainly be a problem.
Copy the zip file over, log into your AppleTV using SSH, cd to your skins directory and use the unzip command to unzip your skin. Rapier is absolutely brilliant on my AppleTV by the way Smile
Evinyatar, that sounds a lot better (and quicker!) than unzipping it on the PC end, using WinSCP to move the extracted folder over and having to sit there and tell it to "skip" the studio icon files with unicode characters that won't move over! It takes forever that way! Could you please give more exact instructions for dummies, i.e. step-by-step, with exact commands and usage in WinSCP or PuTTY?
1. copy the zip file over to the skins directory on your ATV (~/Library/Application Support/XBMC/skin) using WinSCP
2. Putty to your ATV and enter: cd "Library/Application Support/XBMC/skin"
3. Then enter: unzip "my" (replacing the latter part with the name of the actual zip).
4. Finally, remove the zip file using WinSCP or by entering mv "my" in Putty.
5. Launch XBMC and that should be it.

Don't forget the quotes in these commands; they're required for any argument that contains spaces.
Wow, that was a lot quicker! Excellent directions, Evinyatar! Thanks!
hi Evinyatar, I followed the instructions you provided but I'm stuck in the unzip part, i receive an error on putty (bash: unzip: command not found

Any ideasHuh


Sorry for getting back a little late on this. I haven't been able to sit and watch AppleTV till today.

Quote:error: cannot create Rapier/images/studios/Union Générale Cinématographique.png

This is the first error I come across when unzipping as per the instructions in this forum post. It appears to happen with any files that have accents in the filename.

I will post debug log when I come across the error in XBMC in for AppleTV and if I can figure how to do so.

Thanks for the help to date.

Not working on AppleTV properly00