Ability to see unscraped items in Video Library
I suspect that the existing devs have no interest in providing the feature (eight years and no movement is pretty strong evidence in that regard), and it is up to the community to provide an add-on of some description.

I've been a developer for almost 40 years, and having recently migrated from Windows platforms, but I was resisting learning how to write code for Linux (it seems like the wild west to me, but I haven't really investigated it, and I really don't have any interest). When I get home tonight, I'll start looking at how to author a Kodi add-on. No promises though...

Are the unscraped videos already in the database? If so, can a dev provide some hint regarding the best way to identify unscraped videos?

Having said all that, the Kodi scraping code (understandably) can only request movie info based on the name of the file. It's up to the user to make sure the files are named in such a way as to give TMDB the best chance of finding the correct movie. Unscraped movies can be individually "repaired", but with a large library, that could take hours (I spent two hours fixing mine last night).  Most of the mistakes were file names that included no spaces or underscores, or included the disc number, or other info that interfered with movie detection. I also had some misspellings ("CARRIBEAN" instead of "CARIBBEAN", for instance).
No you are wrong. We have interest but only when implemented correctly and not just slap random stuff in your library between correctly identified videos.
Unscraped files can easily be found using the event log that can be found in settings section.

From what I recall it's really easy to show unscraped/non indentified videos between the rest but we simply don't like that solution and it was actually disabled years ago.
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Why not make it optional then?
A lot of people do not want or do not have time to edit the files/folders in order for KODI scraper to pick them up properly and as they complain in other threads it is very strict. Also a lot of titles are missing in that movie database so they can not be listed at all.

Why not just make an option "List unscraped videos" and list the file names with some default artwork?
I believe this is really easy.

And note that one will not need external plugins to find which files are not scraped so this will help those that want to organize things too.

How can I add this as a feature request?
(2019-02-10, 19:07)mcdr Wrote: How can I add this as a feature request?
This thread is a feature request, so you already did.

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Ability to see unscraped items in Video Library51