Observation: CPU load, GPU temperature

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Why is the CPU load high, while in xbmc menu not doing anything (25%), and while watching a film and having the menu activated (almost 60-70%). Some increase of cpu load for the later case is understandable, but 60-70%?

The GPU temperature is around 85C, when fan control is set to "ultra silent" in BIOS.

Overall, it seems to me that XBMC generates heavy load on the system.

Using: Ubuntu and XBMC, running on Asrock ION 330.

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Change "Vertical blank sync" from "Always enabled" to "enabled during video playback" or "disabled." While showing the xbmc menu, a constant refresh of 60 fps is used.

This has been covered quite often. Before posting questions, try doing a forum search.
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Huh? My CPU load is lower with it Always Enabled thats when the fps is capped.

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And how do you think this enabled works? What it does is likely still draw the images but just not paint them on the screen to prevent tearing, then again when the image can be drawn it will send the last full image even though it might already have a half build image in the buffer...
With the option switched off there is no buffering (hence less work for the machine) it simply drops on your screen what it can draw as fast as it can draw it.

The only reason why one would like to enable vsync is if tearing is disturbing you, certainly on menu's when idling there is no reason to have this one. But now watch a fast action scene in a movie and all of a sudden this becomes very important indeed.

I would say try using VDPAU or DirectX implementations where possible this will save a lot of CPU power during the playing of movies, menu's are still a horrible thing certainly on FullHD or higher resolutions but I fear unless you are a decent C/C++ coder there will be nothing you can do about that.
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