SoftMod XBOX without Action Replay..

I am new to this, i was hunting for media centre information and stumbled across this, noticing i can use my old XBOX to run a media centre.

I know this question has probably been asked a million times but i can't find the information i'm looking for.

Can i mod t without the Action replay card?? I don't use EBAY and struggling to find it else where locally, i want to get started on this ASAP.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction?

Thanks Smile
If you're comfortable with computer hardware, you can do what's called a "hotswap".

you use a torx driver to take the lid off the xbox, and use a grounding wire to connect the xbox chassis to an old computer's chassis.

Start up the old computer and hit the "pause" key before the BIOS starts detecting hard drives and such.

Basically the goal is to listen for when the xbox accesses the hard drive (about 8-10 seconds after turning on). This means the xbox is unlocking the drive.

Then you yank (gently) the IDE cable out of the xbox HD and plug it in to your old computer, which you then run xboxhdm on. (xboxhdm is a custom linux distro, XboxHardDriveMaker, located at the XboxBINarieS ftp site, which you'll have to google for due to forum policy).

It's a bit complicated, but it's my preferred method, because, like you I didn't want to hunt down a copy of a memory card or ActionReplay controller, and I didn't want to have to find the right exploitable games, and I didn't want to buy a modchip.

For more info, you should really head over to and search for "hotswap tutorial". It's much more thorough than I just was.

Thanks for the info I may have a problem as I don't have a pc I have an iMac. I may try nodding the controller and using a USB pen drive!
You definitely don't have to have the Action Replay. A few years back I'd bought a mod chip that I never installed. But what it came with was a little usb adapter that plugs directly into the controller port. I just used that along with a thumb drive. See if you can find one online. It's a really basic piece. Shouldn't cost more than $5.
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