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On-screen controls

I am new to this forum and to the amazing XBMC. I've set my self a new HTPC and I am impressed with the features that XBMC offers.

I am using the default skin PM3.HD and I was wondering if I could easily change the on-screen controls while playing a movie. I found the controls too a little too big and a bit hard to use them. For instance, I could not find a cursor or similar where I could move anywhere in the movie. I see only fast forward x2, x4, x8 but if the movie is over two hours is taking too long to get towards the end. Is any way to change/set this differently, please?
This is by design, as XBMC is made to be used w/ a remote control instead of a mouse and keyboard.

If using a remote, you can use:
BigStepForward Step forward 10% in the movie.
BigStepBack Step back 10% in the movie.

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