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[XBOX] 128MB RAM upgrade for the Xbox, is it of any benefits for XBMC?
can xbmc use 128mb to play video?

in 64mb xbox
when i play hdtv video , i notice freemem soon to 2mb->1mb->0, when zero the video auto stop.

in 128mb xbox
the freemem soon to 64mb-> 63mb->62mb , then the video stop.

i think , xbmc not use 128mb ram .

can xbmc support 128mb to play video?
i run xbmc at 1080i and as i've learned, 64mb of ram just doesn't cut it.

if i upgrade the ram to 128mb, will xbmc take advantage of it?

has anyone else tried?
i run xbmc at 1080i and as i've learned, 64mb of ram just doesn't cut it.

if i upgrade the ram to 128mb, will xbmc take advantage of it?

has anyone else tried?
(kmhamel @ nov. 20 2004,23:57 Wrote:Cool has anyone done the 128 meg memory upgrade to their xbox? does xbmc support the upgrade, and if so does it improve performance. i know that most games won't use the extra memory, but it seems to me more memory would only improve how xbmc handles pics and music. :thumbsup:
yes, and yes.
(butcher @ jan. 26 2005,09:30 Wrote:the extra 64mb ram in the xbox cannot be used for picture or video display purposes as the graphics card has no access to it. you don't really gain much from it.
from one who uses 1080i output a lot and have done several 128mb upgrades and can monitor the free memory usage on my x3lcd compared to my 64mb boxes, i can point blank 100% tell you that having 128mb for 1080i does help. in many cases, i can't even play back some streams with a 64mb box and 1080i (like the cnn py video streams), because it uses all the available memory for cache, and then just drops out of the playback (helps to drop the cache for those, but you do begin to get play back pauses even over a pretty good dsl connection). same thing goes for 720p and tivo .ty streaming. i can watch the free memory go to 0mb, the player blanks and blam...back to the xbmc menu/dash.


oh, one other thing, however. i'm not saying that the additional memory will help all playback, just that in many cases, it helps, especially if you are upconverting normal playback to 1080i and are getting low on memory.

for example, a high bit rate 720p divx encode of madagascar (you can download from the divx web page) ends up dropping about a hundred frames in the 2 or 3 minute clip (mostly in a scene transition where you spike the bit rate). 128mb upgrade did nothing for that, which means it is raw cpu limited...

good lord! 4 pages and my eyes have gone crossed... i don't stream a lot of video over my network, but i have noticed uncomfortable delays when browsing pictures from my server (taken with a 5mp cameraHuh)... will adding more memory help this issue any? or am i looking at another issue... thanks for the input, and hopefully a nice straight forward answer! Smile

- justin
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How Can I Modify Evox M8+ Bios Support 128mb Ram, big help to modify xboxkernal.img

i have a 128MB RAM , 1GB CPU XBOX
64MB is more less for XBMC run 1080i mode

EVOX M8+ bios can support Local xbox hdd use files chinese name , but it not support 128MB RAM,
X2 BIOS and Ind-Bios can support 128MB RAM , but not support Local xbox hdd use files chinese name .
it's too bad for me ,

luckly , i found evtool can expack EVOX M8+ bios to xboxkernal.img , so i want modify bios by myself.

how can i modify EVOX M8+ bios support 128MB RAM?

or tell me the hero on forum who can help me do this modify?

or tell me where can i found the tutorial?

big help , please.

big help , please.
Hello out there,

since over two years now the XBoxes of my friends and mine work pretty fine with 128 MB and GentooX. GentooX uses all the memory without any failure.

But all the time various XBMC versions won't detect the RAM upgrade.

Now I have read on one of these forum threads, that XBMC surely should recognize the upgrade and display the memory amount in the info page.
Other apps, capable of using 128 MB also don't find / show the upgrade.

So please, can anyone tell me, what we have made wrong with our update?
Is the EvoX BIOS or the Dashboard to be patched to use or forward the additional RAM to other XBE-apps?

Must there be a jumper or something else be soldered to use the RAM?
Why can GentooX detect and use actually the RAM?

I also tried the tool, which toggles the 128 MB usage bit in a XBE, but this was also no success!

Thank you so much so far for your help!
All builds have showed 128MB OK for me for at least the past year.
Hi jiz_king,

thank you for your reply.
I have read, that XBMC should view the 128 MB on its info page, but on our four XBoxes it doesn't. All XBoxes pretend to have only 64 MB under XBMC, whereas GentooX perfectly detects and uses the whole 128 MB of RAM.
We therefore thought the last two years, that this was a bug of XBMC!
Now, since some days, we now, that isn't!

We all have the simple Aladin Mod-Chip with EvoX BIOS M8 flashed onto and the evoxdash.xbe Version 5835 (the newest).
GentooX and XBMC is started through evoxdash.xbe, located at drive G: and renemaed to default.xbe (as entered via EVTool in the M8 BIOS).
Also included is the LBA48 patch and 160 or 250 MB HDDs are used.

Somewhere in the web I have read, that the XBox scans the memory at the beginning and calculates the whole ram amount at the point, where the first access error occurs. So the XBox always should detect the correct ram size.
But as statet, our 4 boxes won't detect the upgrade in normal "XBox app mode", only under Linux.
Under one of the 4 Boxes is one, which was upgraded by a professional XBox Modding service. The soldering of this box looks best, but their behaviour is the same.

The latest XBMC V2.0 TCH3 build 3-10 also detects only 64 MB.

I can hardly believe, that we have made any mistake.
We think, the 128 MB have to be activated under normal XBox OS somehow, maybe in the BIOS?

Can you give us some hints, concerning this?
I have seen in your profile, that you use no Mod-Chip and the X3 BIOS.
Can it be, that M8 can't access 128 MB and X3 can?
Sorry if this seems like an attempt to hijack your thread, but I'm curious to know what are the benefits of more RAM in XBMC, and is it worth cashing out for the upgrade?
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