Some playback problems
Hi all! I'm a big fan of xbmc and i've been using it for some time now and I've never really had any problems up until now. I decided tonight to go ahead and try out a couple of the skins like aeon and mediastream, now they seem all great and I have the layouts just how i want em with the backdrops, movie posters, thumbs and all that. Problem is that the xbox wont let me me play 3/4 if not all the movies in these skins. I keep getting playback error, too many consecutive fails or whatever. But when I swicth back to Basics-vision, which i had been using, everythings fine. I've been fighting with this for the past two hours and I think I'm just going to ask you guys and take a break. If anyone knows or can help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!
most likely it's a memory issue. since the xbox is equipped with little memory many skins won't work properly on the xbox.

you can check xbmc-xbox-skins for xbox friendly versions of many of the available skins.
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thank you I will try that now, cuz I downloaded a new version of xbmc and a new aeon and it is SLOW lol
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