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How to set system volume rather than XBMC amplification ?
Hi guys

The question in short:
Is there a way to make XBMC set the Master pulseaudio volume, rather than it's own internal volume ?

The story so far:

I'm trying to setup a living room media center.
Acually, I'm quite done, that's great, and XBMC is the true heart of it.

Now, I'm facing the last rough corner I'd like to smooth:
I want to regulate, via lirc remote, my system-wide volume.
Done. Works.

But I have a problem:
- XBMC has it's own (de)amplification settings which get regulated when changing volume.
So I disabled every occourring XBMC VolumeUp/Down from the xml kemap. This way, XBMC own volume is not touched, and the system-wide volume gets regulated... but with no visual feedback.
- No system (Ubuntu, so I'm talking about notify-osd) notifications are displayed on top of XBMC

So I think the solution for me would be make XBMC change the system-wide Master Pulseaudio volume rather than it's own.
Is there a switch, a way to do so ?
This way I could re-enable things in xml keymap, and still get beautiful, skin integrated OSD when changing system volume within XBMC.

Thanks for any hint !
This is what I did:

You don't get any visual feedback on the mixer levels though
Yes, that's almost the same I did myself

Still, screen notification is important to me.
Cause notify-osd can't display the notification on top of XBMC, I'm looking to let XBMC set system volume, then I'd rely on XBMC osd volume.

Is there a way ?
write the necessary code..
spiff Wrote:write the necessary code..

I fear that's quite out of my actual abilities.
Don't get me wrong, I partecipate to XBMC and skins and scrapers development being an early adopter and giving feedback... but coding is not really my job Smile

thank you anyway.
At least now I know it can't be done, and I won't spend anymore time trying to found a way to.
what's the problem with setting the system volume at max once and play with (de) amplification at XBMC level?
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system-wide volume is important to me for watching streaming video (which, AFAIK is not yet supported in XBMC), ant it have to be moving.

What happens when I change the system volume, let's say to 30% ... then my wife starts xbmc ... and, no matter what, "volume" can't get high enough ?

It's just a matter of simplicity. I've to find the best one.
My best bet was to always rely on the system volume (and make xbmc change it).
I'm having this same issue, well, is not that its really an issue, just a nice feature.

ATM I'm forced to use this PC for both HTPC and normal usage, so, having the system volume set to 100% and control volume from within XBMC.... is sort of bad, but I just have to remember to set the volume to 100 before loading XBMC and then return the volume down before I shut off the system... otherwise... imagine the welcome sound played at 100% Full power over the Home Theather Sad

Acer something AMD A8-3800K with Trinity Radeon HD6650 (512MB), 10GB DDR3, Ubuntu 15.04, NO KODI HELP Audio: Working great Analog 5.1 (with Infinity Reference Sub and Center).

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How to set system volume rather than XBMC amplification ?00