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[RELEASE] MediaStream themed Web Server Skin for XBMC
gorgeth Wrote:should be in your home folder of the user that is running xbmc (look under .xbmc or .XBMC .. been a while since i messed with ubuntu and xbmc but i am fairly certain its in the home folder

Yeah, I have looked around there.

Have not been able to find it.

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zosky Wrote:/usr/share/xbmc/web/

Dude. Good lookin out.

Guess I forgot to look there.
is it possible to make this skin in 640x480 and 480x640 ??

any guides on how i can start to change it for the above screen sizes
is it possible to get this skin to work for the new xbmc Dharma release ? Or even the stock one from 9.11 ?

I really hate the new web interface, and the add-on ones are also crap.

[RELEASE] MediaStream themed Web Server Skin for XBMC00