Removing Home Menu Options
This is my first post, and I gotta say thanks to all the developers here on the forum. You deserve major props for making such a great piece of software with a highly usable interface.

Ive been doing a ton of research for the past couple of weeks and making small changed to my XBMC install that will be used strictly for movie playback.

That being said, since Im only going to use this for video playback, I dont need the *Music* *Pictures* *Weather* or *Scripts* options. It would be nice to only show the Video and Settings options.

Is there a somewhat easy way to do this? Im not hard core, but willing to edit xml files if need be.

Thanks in advance.

edit: win XP install
Try one of the skins that let you disable all the options you talked about. (transparency/mediastream_redux) If you want only PM3, then you can start by looking at the 720p/Home.xml
Thanks for the suggestion, went with transparency. This would be a nice feature in PM3.
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