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Free Megaupload account - 4 days left.
Here in NZ megaupload is capped to 200k download so I though that XBMC users might enjoy it till it expires on the 22nd. please reply if your interested. and ill PM you the details.

this is not a joke btw.
i am interested
i love xbmc
sarahandkevin Wrote:i am interested

login details sent via PM.
uhh what's the deal?
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SleepyP Wrote:uhh what's the deal?

I just have a megaupload account im not using and thought to share it before it expires. Im PM people the details so it doesn't get banned (even thought it expires on the 22nd.

let me know if you want the details.
ill give it a go.. im on bigtime, and my megaupload speeds are shite! would be nice to be able to use flashget on some files. (just today i was thinking about signing up to test out preimum megaupload, rapidshare, hotfile, so this would be awesome!)

I need to download some files this weekend and it will take too much time with regular download. Could you PM me the account details please? It will be great if I download them with higher speed.

Megaupload me please.
me want me want!
The account presumably expired last month.
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Pointless, as they check Ip`s.

Free Megaupload account - 4 days left.00