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Direct TV Support in XBMC

so I'm sitting here with my perfect MM Client XBMC and wonder, why I'm still using my Topfield 5000 to watch TV....

Are there any plans to directly integrate TV into the XBMC? A perfect thing would be a support e.g. of (multiple?) USB S2 TV devices so XBMC can be used as a e.g satelite receiver for watching and recording TV.

XBMC with this capabilities would by simply a killer!

No, they plan to keep XBMC as a "front-end" only.

The plan is to support multiple back-ends though, such as MythTV, EyeTV, MediaPortal, etc., so that should cover it Smile

Search for "Unified PVR" and "TV Headend"


Direct TV Support in XBMC00