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Hello, everybody. I've recently been working on an XBMC web front-end for Nokia Internet Tablets -- N770, N800, N810, and probably the N900. It should also work well on any other mobile device with an 800x480 screen with a capable-enough browser. It was inspired by some great work from forum member jjchambers in this thread. It is based off of the Project Mayhem web interface in XBMC.

Features include:
- Styled to fit nicely on an 800x480 screen in full-screen mode.
- Large, finger-clickable buttons and list entries.
- Scroll buttons that automatically show up on long lists (easier to hit than a tiny scrollbar at the far right.)
- AJAX page loading (so you can go full-screen and not see the browser's controls every time you click something).
- A 'remote control' section that lets you control the on-screen GUI with buttons on the tablet's screen. Click the XBMC logo to see it. (*Unfinished*)
- Hardware key handling that also lets you control the on-screen GUI (without having to look at the tablet.)

Look at the top of default.js to see which hardware keys do what. You can also change the mapping there, if you'd like. One problem is that the XBMC web server freezes any time a dialog is shown on the TV, which means the remote stops working. I haven't figured out a fix for that yet.

It still needs work, but I thought I'd put it out there in case anyone else wanted to use it or do something with it. With a few tweaks, it could easily be adapted for 320x480 and be useful on a wider range of devices. I might get around to that soon.

Here's a screenshot:

And here's a download link for it:
Shayne, can you try and post some screen shots? I won't have a chance to try it out for a bit but would like to see what graphical changes you've made. You can always host them on another site and post the links here. I'm glad someone has improved on what I started.

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I've discovered this thread today !! so I installed this web interface with the last SVN but I have file not found message .

Is this interface compatible with the last svn ??


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