A 4x4 Is Born - S01E01 - Episode 1.avi (Bit of an issue!)
As I'm sure you've already gathered, this is causing confusion with XBMC!

The Shows name is (and matched by all) 'A 4x4 Is Born'.

The Season/Episode is written as S01E01.

The title is written as Episode 1 (nameless).

The show is picked up by XBMC but when it comes to adding episodes, it fails.

I understand this is due to the '4x4' in the title possibly causing conflict as there is no season/episide 4x4 in a show called 'A'!

Any advice welcome! Help please :S
For now, remove the 4x4 from the filename (it's not needed anyways).
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reorder the expressions to match on s01e01 first.
Spiff - Did that before posting and it still caused the same issue.

Sho - Done that for now, but really would like to get it resolved because I have a player on the network that picks up from the file name in the order i've posted.

For now I've got two versions of the series :S
simply put; you can't have done it properly if reordering didn't work. mind the prepend/append
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A 4x4 Is Born - S01E01 - Episode 1.avi (Bit of an issue!)00