Music background "fix"

The confluence theme looks really great, but my father - a long time guitar buff - immediately pointed out that the guitar in the music background is mirrored! Smile (Just look at the logo on the head, the tremolo bar and the pick guard.)

I took the liberty of tweaking a "fixed" version:

It's not perfectly perfect, but if you're not looking for any oddities you'll probably not find any. Wink

Thanks for the great work, though!
i'm sorry but i had to laugh at how pedantic that was lol but hey I don't know guitars Smile
Heh, I'm surprised we didn't notice it before release!
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who said its not a left handed guitar rotated Tongue
Haha, extremely pedantic, yes, and I take great pride in that! Wink (Although, as mentioned, it was my father who noticed - in less than two seconds from when he first saw the new theme.)

Anyway, do with it what you will. I'll use it, and I'm pretty sure my father will, being the purist that he is. (He'd *LOVE* a Fender Stratocaster version, btw. Wink ) I respectfully couldn't care less what the rest of you do. I just figured I'd share. Smile
Thanks for this, it was bugging me too. Buuut the top strap pin is still showing up in the middle of the fireball D=
I added this to the SVN with "top strap pin is still showing up in the middle of the fireball " fixed too

Thanks for saving me from being lazy Smile
Haha, wow thats great. I remember when I first found this picture, it was at least 2 years ago, lost the original though...
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