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[XBOX] Noob Softmod help

First I just want to say that I'm happy that there is a community of people willing to help others out. Thank you. Second, please don't mock this post, I'm sure it will be of value to anyone else looking for help in the future.

I have an Xbox NOT a 360, which I've had sitting around for years. I just pulled it out of the basement and hooked it up to my router. After I did, I allowed it to upgrade itself, and now i'm using K 5101.01 D 5960.01

My question is simple and yet it seems to have so many answers so here it is. I want to softmod my Xbox, BUT I do not want to have to go buy anything. No digging in used game bins, no looking for old active replay hardware. Thanks but no thanks.

After reading the XBMCWiki I noticed that it directed me to another site which has all sorts of things I can download but yet doesn't specify what exactly I'm looking for. From what I've gathered on the net, people have their own ideas as to what works - and there is many posts on the net which date back to 2004 for help doing this. Again, no thanks.

So please - its almost 2010 so there must be a new, quick, and painless way to get an Xbox modded. Without following 500 steps and pulling the machine apart.

Please, if you know, direct me because I would love to use XBMC.

Thank you for your time.
You're better off trying Xbox-Scene,111,113

You may need a few bits... game/memory card - but I asure you it will be the best money/time you have spent! Big Grin - you will wonder why you didnt do it years ago.... trust me.!

This method is a little more risky then Geeba's, but you'll only need a torx driver, a Phillips head and a PC with IDE sockets.

All other methods boil down to being different ways of phrasing these two guides.
XBMC Manual - BlackBolt - SVN Guide - Skin SVN - Wide Icon SVN - ROM Shortcut Generator
You're just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me :P
Probably same as above but, boil an egg then eat it whilst unscrewing your box then use xboxhdm to deal with that hardrive prob, after you hotswap the hard-d.

The egg is optional.
i used ndure 3.1 to softmod mine

i used this tutorial

hope this helps
I'd really recommend going with a soft mod. All of mine have been going strong for years. If you try to use a hotswap method it could mess up and then you'll have to get a mod chip or new xbox since you bricked your xbox.

If you do use any other route - try to get a copy of the eeprom off of the xbox the first chance you get - this way if anything does go wrong, you can easily fix it.

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