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Sort Movies by Year - no Ascending
For the longest time I've used MediaStream for my XBMC needs. The interface is intuative and I was excited to see Confluence had a similar look and feel to it in the current Beta release of XBMC.

The one thing I feel is missing though is the ability to sort in both ascending and desending. I typically sort my movies by year and the only option I have is so sort them in a desending order which puts the new stuff at the bottom. Most of the time, folk are going to be looking for newer content (as it's added) and while I know about the recently added feature, the other option is to scroll all the way to the bottom of your movie collection to see the more current stuff.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, is there a feedback thread for Confluence?
Thats what the /\ \/ arrows next to "Sort by : Blah" is for when you are on the sort buy button go left
Doh! didn't realize I could select those! LOL Thanks for taking the time to answer my stupid @$$.

Now I'm really good! Fantastic skin BTW. Big Grin
Is there a way to sort the movies by year, but then descending alphabetically? Currently, sorting by the year sorts the movies from Z->A, where I'd like to see them sorted from A-Z.

Sort Movies by Year - no Ascending00