I am having major problems with my multipath sources.

Currently i have two multipath sources (one for series and one for movies). The series one has a total of 9 paths and the movies has 18.

If I start up XBMC then go into the MOVIES source I can select any of the MOVIES OK. If I however try to go into the SERIES I get a connection timeout for some or all of the paths.

The reverse happens if I go into SERIES first after restarting.

The problem infrequently occurred for me using Babylon but always occurs using Camelot.

All paths are from SMB shares on one Leopard 1.5.8 machine (i notice that people are having problems ith SMB on 10.6). The XBMC is a linux version running a 2.6.28 kernel (from an Babylon live install) using XBMC SVN 25320.

Two logs are provided one for when MOVIES work, the other for when series works.

Movies Problem

Series Problem

Any suggestions?
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