[LINUX] HOW-TO set up Lirc with USB HID remote controls (Hama, Auvisio)
Thanks, I will check it out when I am back home!

* Visualizes his remote control *

Are you sure there's a menu button?
And is yours a Packard Bell?

Because I have a cheap brandless chinese remote, but it has exactly the same vendor- and device-id as yours.

Anyway, since I haven't gotten it to work in a customizable fashion, I just use esc (near the bottom to the right) which takes you to the menu.
Try Xubuntu. It's the new Ubuntu.
Oops. You're right, mine now is a packard bell - usb-0461_4d03-event-mouse
I forgot the other stopped working (didn't take kindly to being dropped into a milk cup), but I think I never changed the configuration, I was already using the packard bell config with the previous one.
Did you try it?
No not yet, I am not at the MC computer. I will try it soon and let you know if I have better luck. Smile
Try Xubuntu. It's the new Ubuntu.
guys can you help me with my remote

i can not get ti to work. how did you get your remote to work ?
lenovo y530
nvidia gf 9600 512mb
Debian squeeze
WBFT Wrote:This is for the Conceptronic MCE RF Lounge'n'LOOK remote but should work for other RF remotes as well.

For people who are struggling with this i wrote a small tutorial..
The Conceptronic Lounge'n'LOOK is an RF remote wich doesn't use IR codes, it uses keypresses like from a keyboard. That's why keyboard.xml should be used.


If have the same remote but can't get to the point of where you readout the codes.
Could you send me your keyboard.xml or tell how i can read out the keypress?
All i would is adding the * to function as the 'C' button (contextmenu i believe)

Slightly odd one but if I choose not to install the mouse driver, will my remote function just as a keyboard?

Currently, it defaults to mouse when it turns on and I'm trying to avoid that.
Hi guys,

sorry if this is totally missed place and question.

I have switched to xbmcbuntu - but am not at home with Linux.

I use flirc as my ir receiver - it is represented to system as hid keyboard.

my problem is that it sends key repeats to fast, when i asked around forum how to slowdown key repeat rate,
I got answer that it can not be changed and that I would need tu use lirc daemon.

When I look at this tutorial i see no setting for key repeat rate - how would something like that be set?

Thank you.
Hello guys, I am an advanced beginner in Linux but your stuff written in this topic, makes me feel like i am trying speaking chinese !! Can you make it easier as I need this remote work well for demonstrations on ppt and some videos and audios files. Thank you.
Lirc is the most annoying thing to get to work.
I just bought a remote that registers as a keyboard/mouse for $5 and used it as keyboard/mouse. It's just plug and play. In the time it takes to set up Lirc with custom mappings, you can earn enough money to hire someone to use the keyboard for your presentation.
Try Xubuntu. It's the new Ubuntu.
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[LINUX] HOW-TO set up Lirc with USB HID remote controls (Hama, Auvisio)41