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w3__ Wrote:Waffa: When you say "disable views", what do you mean exactly?
See skin settings to hide views.
In MiniMeedia waffa! You have 10 for every catogory
That's to much for the xbox so hide a few per catogory.
xm41907 Wrote:I use transparency with my xbox. occasionally I will run into an issue and have to reboot, but for the most part it runs great. Not as quick as it does on my desktop with windows 7 though. There is usually a half second lag on fanart and changing menus but thats ok.

Transparency 2.01 works fine on both my boxes (runs a little slower then others but is almost as beautiful as mediastream without huge memory issues)... I wouldn't recommend 2.10 beta tho, currently having memory issues...
i placed this on an xbox and also had nothing but black screens and text. can you provide a version with some views already disabled. I found it extreamly hard to work with if I cannot see anything(coverart, files etc).
Home screen and settings screens works just fine in MiniMeedia Waffa!. Go directly to system/settings/skin and start hiding views in the catogories movies / video / music / pictures / programs.

3D coverview is very heavy for the xbox you can use it but than you need to disable a lot of other views.
So start with hiding that 1.

Enable your debug log so you'll see your free memory on screen and keep an eye on it.
You need min. 15MB free to start a movie so keep above it doing by hiding views.

Btw version 1.7 uses less memory than 1.8.
Views in seperate xml files didn't work for the xbox No

Fixed in 1.9
When people say "hide" views are you talking about settings in the skin? or editing files?
In MiniMeedia Waffa! I made skin settings for it, so very easy to hide.

As skinner you could do this trick very easy to MediaStream to Wink
double post
Geeba Wrote:When people say "hide" views are you talking about settings in the skin? or editing files?

I guess people are talking about other skins, because PM III doesn't have these settings.

Back to w3's question - anyone know what is the most memory efficient skin to use? I'm running out of memory using PM III when zooming large jpegs...
Have you tried
PMIII is the most memory efficient skin as it was originally designed for the xbox in SD. new modern skins use 720p+ textures and support alot more features, so they use alot more memory.

PM3.HD is also very good on memory even though its design in 720p
Hey Waffa have you talked to bram77 about putting the specific xbox-tweaked skins into the xbox skin repository for SVN Repo Installer users?
arnova Wrote:When using mplayer lower cache size (through as.xml on newer versions)....

what is the path for as.xml, i couldnt find it
mcfreiz Wrote:what is the path for as.xml, i couldnt find it

search for advancedsettings.xml (userdata i think)
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If you didn't made a advancedsetting.xml, you will not find it.
See wiki advanced settings how to make 1 and were to place the file.
Out of interest do many people here use advancedsetting.xml? anyone care to share theirs?

I've never used it - but curious as to what people are setting....

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