Small TV Banners
I dont know if its me (and it probably is) or the scraper Im using (thetvdb) but all by TV show banners are small...

well they worked ok for mediastream until I updated my xbmc version, then it seemed like all my covers got stretched.

anyhow... here is a SS

as you can see in the red circle, the nice shiny gloss overlay for the banners goes way over the actual banner. Im using MIP to get the art for all my media so maybe its the problem?

Any ideas thrown my way would be great~!

windows 7
xbmc camelot

Your problem is your using it in 4x3 resolution and the icon is set to maintain its aspect ratio instead of stretching out to fill the space. and the gloss bit is where the icon should go too in 16x9
so its just my tv then?
ive been saving up for an led tv
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