Quick Mockup
here is just a quick mockup of a Home Screen for a not created skin.
If you like it, let's see...

To be honest, I think I would need to see more than a home screen if I were going to comment. I usually only have the home screen up for a couple of seconds at a time... Its the library views that make more difference to me.

Anyway... As a base comment, I think the text you have used for the date would probably be a bit small for a 10ft interface. Other than that, it looks kind of... Okay, I guess... Pretty much a modified Aeon home screen, really, isn't it?
Alright so my honest opinion:

1) I absolutely love the colours! Very nice.

2) This is too similar to other mocks I have seen. (A cross between phyeks/and ayalas)

3) The overlay is a bit much for my taste.

This is still cool though so keep it up.
this could be an alaska mod
I really love the clock, it is beautiful. But how said before, you need a couple more mockups of other screens.
thanks for your replies.
Here the first screen of a Movies View:
Beatzeps08 Wrote:thanks for your replies.
Here the first screen of a Movies View:
Looks nice though i do feel the blue overlay is a bit too much for my tastes and i think the posters would look better placed further down the screen similar to aeon.
Other than that it looks pretty cool, keep at it, and with a bit of luck a coder may come forward to help you code itSmile
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Looks very good, keep it up. Smile
I really like the movie view! ..the main view is quite boring, but I can't figure out how to make it better though.
The home screen reminds me a bit of phyeks mockup,just like XBMCG33K said.I don't know about the purple color around the text,but the time and date in the upper corner looks very subtle and is really nice.

About the Movies view,i don't think the blue overlay is too much,because i like the nuance between the poster and the background.The colors really pop out in a nice way.

All in all,with a little more tweaking,this could be a very interesting skin.Keep it up Smile
I don't know why there are so few answers. They might not like the home screen view. The movie view, though, looks brilliant, I'm really looking forward to your next screenshots. I really like the simple design and the blue touch of your skin. The box with the movie name looks nice. However, I'd like to see more information about the movie.

If I could code skins, I would help you do that. I hope you'll find someone in the near future when you've published more screenshots.

By the way, what served you as an inspiration for this skin?
As I stated before I definetily like your home screen, it is not to overloaded and I guess would fit very nicely into a living room. I also like the movie view, but like Fabianus said there should be a way to sow more info somewhere. However it's a great mockup and I hope this will result in a real skin.
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