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Music Playback Theme
Have any of you used the Zune software for Music? I have, it is by far the best i have ever seen. Simple, Clean, Awesome visuals.

Is there anyway that anyone could make something like that for Confluence? I feel if this were integrated into this (if possible) it would set this theme leaps ahead of all the others. It would really be awesome if you could make the rolling box (in their start up video) actually be a part of it. For instance, when you select an album, the others fade and that album turns into a box and somewhat rolls/spins to the left top then lists the songs to the right and maybe puts the band info under the rolling box.

I'm sure this is complicated and if i knew how to program i sure would be working on this (i start college this summer so it shouldn't be long before i can start helping) if the limitations of XBMC dont prevent you from doing so.

So seriously, go to and install their software and just look at how they work with music. It's really slick.

If you dont want to isntall the software, here is a video off of youtube with some of what i wanted you to see. ZUNE
seriously? no replies? am i the only one that feels this is a good thing for XBMC? along with a built in torrent client to get things like podcasts to auto download?

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