"Standard TV" Skin for 4:3 resolutions
I'm been working on a skin for my xbox/21" standard TV setup.

The biggest factor was the ability to read the fonts from as far as 20 feet away.

It is by no means fancy or finished, but I'll throw it out there for people that continue to look for this type of skin.

Download: Standard.TV Skin link


By default only Video, Audio, and Settings are displayed on the Home Page.

To add more options you need to go to the new settings page "Home Page" to add Pictures, Scripts, Programs and other displays.

It is a work in progress...

I just set up an xbox as a media center for my mom to watch avi files and listen to audio books. But she has vision problems and is very near sighted. I had to write out instructions for her since she couldn't read any of the fonts on screen. This is just what we needed! Thank you, again. I look forward to enjoying the skin as it develops.
Update #2 is available.

No major changes, but I continue to clean up various pages.

I would be happy to incorporate any requests/feedback.

I'm planning on creating color Themes once the pages are all to my liking.

Download: Standard.TV Skin link

First it would be nice to have a version which will work with Camelot. I wish I could have gotten a look at the skin but as I'm running Camelot I could not.

Second what I might suggest is for each window you create use different font variable names. As I have edited other skins (to increase the font size for my standard TV) I have found I wished each screen had its own set of fonts names. This would allow me more control over the font size.

But I do agree with you, we need to be able to larger fonts which can be easy to read from across the room on a standard TV.
Thanks for the suggestion, creating a greater variety of fonts will give me much more flexibility.

Not sure why you can't get the font to work on Camelot, I'm running 9.11 r26018 on an ATV and the skin works fine. I'm designing the skin mostly for use with the xbox and standard TVs, but it is easier to read on smaller HDTVs.

What I got was the version conflict.

I really like the idea of this skin as we only have a small TV!!... but it will not work for me Sad i get the error - incompatible skin: skins should be 2.10 or higher - or something to that effect Wink I have tried simply editing the skin.xml file to reflect version 2.11 but obviously it can't be that simple Wink

can anyone point me how to make this compatible with 9.11? Or point me toward a similar large font skin? I have searched and tried many different one's!! but i do prefer to keep things simple Wink
Make sure there isn't any spaces in the skin directory name.

"Standard.TV" vs "Standard TV", when I leave a space between Standard and TV I get the same error message.

The fixed release should have done that but not sure...

Been busy with other projects but this is still on my list of things to work on...

is there a way to add a passowrd opyion to acces settings?it is great skin in the making otherwise
Should be possible, I'll take a look at it and update once I've figured it out. Could be a couple of weeks.

thanks!!1just let me know...i got kids and want to set up an extra xbox for them but do not want them to have access to certain features of the skin....seems no skin ive looked at has that
Release #3 is available.

Finally found time to do some work on the things I wanted.

There are major changes, and I continue to clean up pages and increase font sizes

Moved some stuff around, and big changes to the home page.

I wanted a direct link to a stream on the Home Page, called it "Radio Item". You can label it and enter a stream - ENCLOSE THE STREAM URL IN " ... " (Double Quotes).

I just can't get the navigation on the HOME SETTING PAGE to work correctly. You can navigate down to the STREAM button but then it goes back to the top. To get to the LABEL button navigate up... Hopefully someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

If you hide the SHUTDOWN and SETTINGs items, you get a red and blue button on the HOME page if you navigate left and right.

Still happy to incorporate any requests/feedback.

I'm still planning on creating color Themes once the pages are all to my liking.

Download: Standard.TV Skin.

Release #3.1 - fixed a font problem...
Thank you very much for this skin, just what I was looking for Smile
this skin is incredible. almost perfect for regular sdtv. The only thing that would top it off is a button somewhere that took advantage of the DVD player feature in XBMC for xbox and yes i know not many people are using xbmc on xbox original anymore but some are and i highly appreciate this skin. its the only one that truly works and HDeeTV was the best i had until this.
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