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Tiny request
Hey guys,

I've been using alaska for some time now and I absolutely love it. I've did some minor tweaking here and there to make it perfect (in my opinion, though I have the tendency to be somewhat of a nitpick)

Anyway, there is one thing I'm unable to resolve;
In the 'now playing'-window the Album cover, title, time remaining etc appear. After a few seconds the whole bar etc disappears and returns when a new song is initiated. It works like it should, however, I'd like this bar (or at least the Album cover) to stay on screen all the time.

I've tried making new instances of the cover and well, it works, but it's just not smooth and feels dirty.

I'm assuming the cover and bar etc work with some kind of countdown? So my question is; is there any way to disable this? So the info stays visible all the time?

Huge thanks in advance!
This can be done through the use of your advancedsettings.xml.
Holy crap. I feel somewhat ashamed. Thanks!

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