Option to turn of Movie Details in Fanart

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Lightbulb  Option to turn of Movie Details in Fanart
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First of all, im really loving the skin. I know its still work in progress but its already really good.
Here is something i would like to see implemented.
In the Fanart mode for movies, it would be cool if there was an option to not show the Movie Details, because they are in front of the fanart and blocking the view, wich kinda takes the sense from the "Fanart" view mode Wink
it would be cool if one could maybe let the Movie Details pop up if you stay on one movie for a longer time or maybe by pressing "Up" to make it come up and "down" to make it go away again.
Thanks for the great work!
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migueld Offline
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Yea the option exists. You can find it on the side options panel.
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itssuresh Offline
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thanks for the info I was also looking for that option.
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