Changing behaviour of 'Music' in Homescreen
Hello to anyone with some knowledge about this great skin,

Here's what I would like to change, I'm hoping it's just an adjustment in an xml: when choosing 'Movies' from the homescreen, it always takes me to the videolibrary-titles, regardless of what window I was in before that (Be it videofiles, or tv shows, or whatever. It even disregards any 'make default'-settings.).

I want to have this behaviour with 'Music' as well. Now, if I've been in musicfiles and choose 'Music' from home at a later time, it returns to the fileview and I have to manually switch back to libraryview. I want it to always go to library from the homescreen.

Can it be done? And if so, how?

The mods for the skin already do this. Look for the line in the home.xml:


and change it to


You may also want to check out the qualar or color mod since they have it by default.

I actually had to do the opposite since I don't use the music library. I had to change the rapier mods so they would go to file view for music (and remove all the other music library meny options)
Well, that did the trick. Very awesome, thanks a lot!!
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Changing behaviour of 'Music' in Homescreen00