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TV Shows
Hello All,

Windows XBMC 9.11RC1

1) How in the heck do I get my TV show's to show up in the TV show's list? I have it sourced and content set, etc, but I cannot see or set the content in that view. (C button to add source)

I have them in a seperate directory even on a local hard drive.

2) Here's how I have it named in the directory:
Family Guy - Season One(Directory)
Episode 1 - Death (file)
Episode 2 - Whatever (file)
So forth and so on...

Family Guy - Season Two (directory)
File, ....

I guess I could edit the sources file but didn't want to have to do that...I'm missing something, probably very simple. I think it's the can't see the forest for the tree's view I am having right now.

you're not using correct file naming.
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The TV shows folders have to be titled exactly like the show.

"Family Guy"
Works, but
"Family Guy - 720P"
Doesnt work.

Inside the folder you can have any number of folders representing seasons but they don't do anything to XBMC.

Then the files need to have some form of
(representing Season 1 Ep 1.)
in their name anywhere in their name to be added.

The WIKI says that needs to be at the end of the name, but it doesn't.
I bet that's it! Damn...I hate when it's right in front of me! I thought I had read everything...I'll update it here in a minute and report back. Thanks!
Okay, took me longer than I thought. It's amazing how much time a newborn takes!

That worked like a charm! Wahoo! Thanks, I apologize for missing something that is in every other thread! The real trick for me was renaming the folder from Family Guy - Season 1 to just Family Guy!



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