Absolut newbie question: How do I add a signature to my profile?
Since this is my first post, just a quick "hello" to everybody.

Just yesterday I installed XBMC 9.11 to give it a try. I used to use Plex so far, but have encountered many bugs lately so I was eager to learn how XBMC works on OS X.

This is pretty OffTopic but I couldn't find the option to add a signature to my profile.

Can someone just give me a quick hint?


PS: I like XBMC so far - especially with the clear MediaStream-Skin. But the default skin and that 1990 animation with the rainbow-spectrum is pretty silly.
ok, don't ask me why - maybe I had something in my cornflakes this morning but I found it. And I really can't see how I missed it earlier today Wink
macOS 10.13, Kodi 17
i dont know that too
if you loaded version 9 you do know that is really old
maybe try out 10 if you don't want to try the latest
can't find the signature option in the cp myself either.

readind through posts I noticed that it might be a 'user' privilege

weird enough it's supposed to be available for registered users:
Quote:Signature: include your signature. (registered users only)
In "Control Panel", on the "Menu" bar on the left, "Your Profile" section, "Change Signature".
thanks a lot. 1 hour ago my options of "your profile" ended with "change avatar". now... I have 'change signature' too. Hmmm, I wonder if your answer alo magically added that. Smile

Not Found!

still trying to find 'signature' option

(2012-07-24, 09:30)ginaindy90 Wrote: Not Found!

still trying to find 'signature' option

You have to make a few posts before the option will show up, as an anti-spam measure.
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Absolut newbie question: How do I add a signature to my profile?00