Director posters based on movie genre icons by asphinx
Hi all

After more or less usefull suggestions (like weather fanart or artist viewtype) here is my first actual work for XBMC:

The Director posters based on the movie genre icons by asphinx.

The whole thing started when i thought I need extra genre icons for my Chaplin and James Bond movies, after that I thought I need another for my Kurosawa movies. Switchin to a slightly different style with it I started to make more and more of them and now here it is the Director poster edition 1.
Each Poster consits of the actual genre poster background by asphinx, a slightly faded greyscale picure of and (when I was able to find one) a signature of the director.
Like this one:
So far in the collection are (ws= with signature sn = siignature needed)
Akira Kurosawa ws
Alfred Hitchcock ws
Avery Brooks ws
Bernado Bertolucci sn
Billy wilder ws
Blake Edwards sn
Brian de Palma ws
Charlie Chaplin ws
Clint Easwood ws
David Lean sn
Don Siegel sn
Douglas Trumbull sn
Francis Ford Coppola ws
Frederico Fellini ws
Fritz Lang sn
George Luca ws
Hal Needham sn
Helmut Dietl ws
Howard Hawks sn
J.J. Abrams ws
James Cameron ws
John Ford sn
John Frankenheimer sn
John Sturges sn
John Woo ws
Jonathon Frakes ws
Kathry Bigelow (conformation for signature needed plz )
Leni Riefenstahl sn
Leonard Nimoy ws
Louis Malle ws
Luc Besson sn
M. Night Shyamaln sn
Martin Scorsese ws
Mel Brooks ws
Michael Bay sn
Michael Crichton ws
Nicholas Meyer sn
Oliver Stone ws
Orson Wells ws
Pier Paolo Pasolini sn
Renny Harlin sn
Richard Donner ws
Ridley Scott sn
Robert Zemeckis sn
Roman Plolanski sn
Ron Howard ws
Russel Mulcahy sn
Sergio Corbucci sn
Sergio Leone sn
Spike Lee far better quality for signature needeed plz
Stanley Kubrick ws
Stephen Sommers sn
Steven Soderbergh sn
Steven Spielberg ws
Tony Scott sn
Tsui Hark sn
Werner Herzog sn
Zhang Yimou sn
so here it is:

If u have any additions, better or missing signatures or correctionsfeel free to post them here.
Special thx to asphinx for permission to use his background.

P.S. I am no native english speaker so please excuse possible errors
Very cool.
Wow, these look great. But how do I install them?

Thanks in advance
I don't know if you're still working on these, but I though I would give you the link to the original work file, in case that helps you. Smile

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These look great.

I love how they match the the genre series and now the music genres.

Do you think you could make a default one for missing directors?
but having no job can make u pretty busy.
Here i have the 2 that started everything for my- worked them in original style of the genre poster until I realized that wouldnt work for my Kurosawa movies so I started the other ones.




Have still quite a list to work on and will also make default one.

Btw Still if some1 has the some of the missing sigatures plz post them here, TXH;-)
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Director posters based on movie genre icons by asphinx00
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