XBMC Camelot - Sound/alsa not using .asoundrc ???
I have been using XBMC babylon 9.04 LIVE with out any sound problems. I have a custom .asoundrc file I place in my user directory (xbmc) for alsa to use. It would up/down sample audio to output on my spdif. For HD movies this would always be just passthrough on iec958. The result was the xbmc navigation sounds (mono), stereo, mp3, ac3, etc would all output to my coax spdif output. And HD movies would use the passthrough device of xbmc using iec958.

Well today install XBMC Camelot 9.11 LIVE. And the sound not working correctly. Does not seem to use my .asoundrc file as the output seems to be no different if its there or not. I have output set to default and passthrough to iec958 just like live babylon. But I get no navigation sounds and when I play channel-id.wav (front left, right, center, rear left, rear right, woofer) I can hear nothing. If I enable multi channel downmixing in xbmc system -> audio settings, the channel-id.wav will play but its all in the front and center speakers. Nothing in the rear or subwoofer. If I hange output to iec958 I get navigations sounds but when I play the channel-id.wav I only here "front right" in the right speaker. So something not right here. I want output set to default, passthrough to iec958 and multichannel downmixing disabled. I forgot to try aplay before righting this and now my machine is transfering 1TB data in a live admin environment, so I need to wait before rebooting back to xbmc. But I suspect it wont help.

Other things I made sure of are I checked my setting in alsamixer (especially the iec channels). I used the alsactl store command to save the alsamixer settings. I also removed setvolume parameter from the grub entry that boot the system.

Can anyone help me? Has alsa changed in ubuntu 9.1? Do I need to place my asoundrc file somewhere else?

here is my asoundrc for interest sake http://pastebin.com/m1a540413

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XBMC Camelot - Sound/alsa not using .asoundrc ???00
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