PM3 (SD) Gone in 9.11?
My New Years resolution is to finally dump Windows and move to Linux. So while rebuilding my two XBMC systems I decided to go with the newest XBMC, 9.11.

I see that Confluence is now the default skin. I'm running one of my systems on a standard def old school CRT TV though, and really need a skin designed for standard def for that one. "No problem", I figured, "I'll just download PM3 and continue running it on that one. But I can't seem to find PM3 on the XBMC site. And even PM3.HD, while still shown on the site, no longer has a download link. In fact it looks like ALL of the skins currently available on the XBMC site are pretty much HD only. What's the deal? Is SD no longer going to be supported? Huh

Yeah, I know no one is buying SD TVs anymore, so I'm an old fart, but seriously, I doubt I'm the last person in the world who still has an SD TV and can't afford right now to throw it away and buy something better. Oo

Any ideas? Am I just being an idiot and not looking in the right place for it? Or are there really no SD skins for 9.11? No


- Jeff

p.s. Although not on the official XBMC site, I did manage to find a link to PM3.HD for 9.11, but that still doesn't work for me. All the text is way too small to read, and of course if I make the text bigger, then I get overlapping text and other nastiness, since PM3.HD just wasn't designed for a SD display. Sad
The first paragraph here mentions it (with a download link)
bt yes I do need to add it to the gallery page
Thanks Jezz!

I had Googled for it (a lot) and searched the forums before asking, but couldn't find it anywhere, never would have thought to look for it there.

I downloaded it and it's working great for me, thanks again! Big Grin

- Jeff
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