Copy Linux install to duplicate machine
I've spend several hours getting my Linux install setup up on my Revo

I'd now like to replicate this to my other 2 Revo's. Can anyone suggest a good technique to achieve this without going through the install and configuration routine again?
My HTPC setup:
Hardware: Abit AN-M2HD / Athlon x2 4600+ / 2GB RAM / NV 8600GT (silent) / 250GB HDD / Winfast DTV1000T
Software: Ubuntu 8.06 / XBMC SVN / MythTV
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The easiest way is to use the command dd to copy the entire harddrive. Google "backup using dd".

The fastest way is to to copy only the first 512 bytes of the disk with dd and then use rsync to copy all the files.
What is the file system you used (ext3 or ext4, etc.)? If it's ext3 you can use partimage or clonezilla. Why not just manually create the partitions on the new box, then place that HDD in your original box and just copy the entire dir structure from a live CD?

EDIT: even easier is to connect all the drives to one box and boot into a gparted-live cd where you can copy/paste the partitions in a graphically GUI.
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