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Everytime i go to "Watch Your Videos" its always empty even when i addsource it anyone have a similar issue?
I moved this to the Xperience thread. If you actually meant for it to be in a question thread or the development thread (for some reason beyond me) let me know.
natethomas actually yes its suppose to be in the Xperience boards but i should have read where the post was before i posted it but totally not my fault Tongue
I just clicked the http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=65106 on there to where to post our issues and it took me here. Thanx for the move Smile
This is the first I have heard of the issue. Did you enable that 'Watch Your Videos' panel in the customization section? As it's meant to go directly to your files mode for videos. Try pressing backspace and see if this warrants any results.
after you added the source did you set content for the source you added then pick update library?
After adding sources and custom folders for the panels i enabled update library on startup to see if that would help and it didn't. Still shows 0 Items on TV shows Movies and music.
Not sure what could be the issue then _DiGiTaL_ Do items show with other skins?
Yes they show with other skins, if i manually go to lets say a video file i can see all my files but when i try to playback the video file it has sound but no video the screen stays black and it does it on all files. XBMC 9.11 Camelot + winx64 ultimate i know its not a codec issue of any time because the files play on everything including xbmc with PM3 skin im gonna dig around see if i can get that issue resolved while trying to get my library effective.
Have you installed the latest XBMC Camelot? and which OS are you running?

Also you MIGHT need to start fresh and recreate your library if your XBMC is too old, I beleive the databases will be incompatible.
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Arcanthur i havent tried that yet but i am on Win7 Ultimate x64 if that helps i could always ditch everything and start from scratch i suppose
Might be a good idea _DiGiTaL_
i have the latest version and the same thing happens, it works corectly with other skins
timnsr72 Wrote:i have the latest version and the same thing happens, it works corectly with other skins

What happens?
it does displays the library, saying there are zero items, it does this with movies, music, tv shows and pictures, but everything displays properly with other skins, i still can get to my media, but it takes a little longer
Hmm, that's odd you 2 seem to be isolated issues as this only happens to me when my library isn't scanned in.
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