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Holmer Offline
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This is something for the friends of fanart out there. Movielist and the info are at the bottom of the screen, leaving 70-80% of the screen for fanart.

I included "ListMediaControlAreaBackground" twice so I do not have to dim the fanart.

The mod is currently WIP. It runs fine at 1900x1200, i haven't been testing other resolutions. Moreover I had different results when I had the upper menu always activated and I have to adjust the spacings between the objects.
[Image: screenshot011x.th.jpg][Image: screenshot010j.th.jpg]
[Image: screenshot009n.th.jpg][Image: screenshot008au.th.jpg]

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I liked.
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I liked too ...

Can you post the file ?
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+1LaughWinkBig GrinNod

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