Anyone offering "professional services" for XBMC?

I would like to know if any advanced user would be willing to offer "hands on" professional services for a fee.

I am interested in setting up a server/client setup so that I would store all my media in a server and stream it to multiple clients in my network.

Amongst the content I am interested in streaming are:

My ISOs, MKVs, etc
My Directv
My newly recorded TV

If anyone is interested please email me to [email protected]


IT professionals are very expensive people to employ (including me :-). I strongly urge you to try setting this up yourself. What you have in mind is easy to do and everyone here will be happy to help for free. It's also fun! What more do you need?

What I do is have a home server to store all my music and video files. Windows Home Server is an obvious choice for this and works very well. Then you share the folders with your music files. Install XBMC on all the PCs or laptops you have around the house and add the home server as a source. OK, it's harder than I've made it sound, but it's not that hard and if you run into any problems just ask here.

Windows Home Server here aswell. Plenty of help on here use the 'search' button and i'm 99% sure there will be som easy to follow guides for each step of your goal. Smile

Enjoy sir... and Happy 1983 from the Alzeimers Society.
Still loving Kodi! MANY MANY years down the line... Well done guys!

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I am still interested in hiring someone to setup my home XBMC setup. Let me know if any advanced user would be willing to get this done.

I am specifically looking for an Ubuntu setup provided that it is able to do all the features I require.

Please contact me to [email protected]


You might get more response if you tell us where you live.

I am in Miami, Florida. However I will be able to provide IP-KVM or any other remote software that is required.


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Anyone offering "professional services" for XBMC?00